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How do I pay? Payment will be made upon finishing your run. We accept cash, check or credit card.  

How much do you charge? We charge hourly rates based on group size. Groups of:  4-6 =$10/hr per person,  3 =$12/hr per,  2 =$14/hr per, 1 =$24/hr

What is your cancellation policy? If you wish to cancel a reserved date without incurring any fees please provide us with more than 48hrs notice. Cancellations of 48hrs or less will receive one bill for $80 payable by anyone in your group. We will only cancel due to natural disasters or unsafe conditions. 

Will my group of three incur a cancellation charge if suddenly we are down to just 2? No, but please try to give us as much notice as possible. You will simply be charged the 2 person rate instead of the 3. 

Is this a race? No, this is not a race. This is you and your friends receiving personalized support for fun and or training purposes. You can run as fast as you would like but we do need to regroup at certain points to make sure everyone is safe and receiving aid. 

What will I need to bring with me for this run? Just a cell phone and a handheld or hydration pack. It's your responsibility to dress for the conditions. We will transport any extra supplies/gear that you might want so feel free to over pack.

What type of food will you provide? We provide pretty much everything you would expect to find at a normal race aid station. If you have any preferences or dietary restrictions you can let us know on the form we send to you. We aim to please.

Do you recycle? Absolutely! We recycle everything possible, compost food scraps and only use reusable cups. Even wrappers get recycled.

Do you provide awards, finisher medals or t-shirts? No, we prefer to give personalized service and great memories instead of items that will inevitably end up in a junk drawer. 

Can I bring my dog? We're happy to transport well-behaved dogs but only if they are allowed on all of the trails you're using. We will provide a water bowl, treats and even dispose of poop bags. Dogs will add $1/hour to the owner's outing. One dog per trip. 

What if I get lost? You will have a phone and a provided GPS watch (if needed). If you can't find your way you can call us and we will direct and or find you. If you don't arrive at the next checkpoint within a reasonable amount of time we will search for you.

What if I get hurt? Your safety is the most important issue for us. Our aid stops are also equipped with minor first aid equipment and of course we would transport you to the nearest hospital for any non-life threatening injuries. We don't leave until you're safely back in your vehicle. Period.

Frequently Asked Questions
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